Numaish at Machhar Colony

On May 23 and 24, Numaish Karachi came to Machhar Colony for its fourth and last installment. The intervention was set up at the new recreation centre space opened for the children of the colony by Imkaan Welfare Organisation. Imkaan works in the community on mother and child health and child abandonment. 
Curator Saima Zaidi adjusted Numaish to the needs of the recreation centre, which is a smaller space. Seema Nusrat’s bird forms were extremely popular with the children as was Tehmina Maknojia’s Danda-doli swing. Saima added colour to the space with bright paper globes and in keeping with the common links to the sea at Machhar Colony brightly painted oars adorned the walls. The science of Newton’s Cradle (by Dr Anzar Khaliq and Dr Oliver Faust) was explained by the principal of Iqra Grammar School. 

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