What people had to say

041Shakeela Begum had brought her family from Delhi Colony on Sunday night, April 20. “Aisa lagta he ke hamara Karachi wapas a gaya,” she told us. It is as if Karachi has returned to us. She was surrounded by her daughters and they had one child with them.
Sohail, a mobile repair salesman, had come with his family from Numaish itself, which is a spot located in another part of town and from which Saima Zaidi drew inspiration for this intervention’s title.
Elena and her family had come from Lucky Star in Saddar with her daughter in tow and another child who is a member of the family. “The best thing is that it’s free,” she said. “Otherwise when we take the kids out it’s too expensive.” She said they regularly came to Frere hall gardens over the weekend and were amazed and delighted to see this event.
Asif and his buddies work at Ziauddin Hospital and live in Keamari. “Someone at work told us about it,” he said, adding that they had enjoyed the old Pakistani songs played on the screens the most.
Saba Ayaz, an O’ Level teacher and resident of Delhi Colony, had come with women of her family. “This should happen here every Sunday,” she said.

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