‘Current’ Solution

Electricity-generating windmill

Scientists & Engineers: Dr Anzar Khaliq & Dr Oliver Faust, Zeeshan Nafees, Abdul Rehman
Anemometer bower bar: Faraz  Imran, Rabeea Saleem and Areeba Aziz Rajput
Material: PVC pipe blades, aluminium sheet tail, scrap motor, LED lights
Size: 11 feet high, 2 feet long blades

The windmill harnesses wind energy to produce electrical energy. This vertical design uses commonly available parts. A power or anemometer bower bar for the windmill tells you how much wind speed strikes the blades of the mill. The electrical energy from the windmills powers the LED lights that are wrapped around the pole. The idea is to education people on how easily these devices can power small devices like mobile phones.

Photos: Humayun Memon & Dr Anzar Khaliq


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