Overview Effect Karachi

Light installation

Artist: Yasir Husain
Material: Solar panels, barbed wire, LED lights

Of the 500 astronauts who have spent time in space, watching the earth endlessly as their space station or shuttle circles over the earth, many have experienced what is known as the Overview Effect. It is an intense feeling, and cognition, of their relationship to earth, in which all boundaries, conflicts and differences, disappear, to be replaced with wonder and concern. The earth’s fragile environment supporting life seems like an an oasis, a spaceship, surrounded by endless black space. Tied together in the solar system, it is the sun’s energy which supports life on earth. In this project we use clean energy from the sun to dispel violence in Karachi. When lit, the LED lights—powered by solar panels and attached to spirals of razor barbed wire—make the razor wire disappear, leaving just the light illuminating the public space. More than a worldview, this is an overview of life in Karachi.

A trail of light from the solar panels reaches and lights up the razor barbed wire which spans Frere Hall’s profile.

Photos: Humayun Memon


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