Newton’s Cradle

Designers & Manufacturers: Nadeem Afzal, Syed Fakhruddin of Links Multicrafts
Materials: 3-inch dia steel balls, metal frame, paint
Size: 3 feet long, 18 inches wide, 26 inches deep

This device is named after Sir Isaac Newton and demonstrates one of the most fundamental laws of physics and mechanics. A series of identical swinging spheres display the physical phenomena of conservation of momentum and energy. When you pull back and release one or more of the steel balls at the end, they swing back to impact an equal number of balls on the opposite side by the same distance. The lifted ball possesses kinetic energy, which upon collision is transferred to the stationary balls. The impact produces a shock wave that moves through the intermediate spheres. The resulting force travels through the line and pushes the other ball(s) upwards.

Thanks to Dr Anzar Khaliq

Photos: Humayun Memon

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