Chaar-doli Wallah Jhula

Handcrafted ferris wheel

Collaborators: Saima Zaidi, Haji saheb
Material: Wood and metal structure, lights, paint
Size: 14 feet

This handcrafted, four-cradle version of the ferris wheel (chaar-doli wallah jhula also referred to as handola in Urdu and chudail in Sindh) is an indigenous form of play in Pakistan. They surfaced in Karachi in the 1950s with the arrival of the Lucky Irani Circus that brought them to the roundabout called Numaish, today referred to as Purani Numaish.
They are usually operated by a man who rents them from a proprietor who has crafted them. Children are charged as little as 10 rupees for a ride. At night, the operator locks the four cradles together because the handola is too heavy and large to secure.
These rides are, however, slowly vanishing from public spaces and the existing ones are just repeatedly repaired and run. At some birthday parties it has become popular to rent a smaller version

Thanks to Aamir Habib and Nasir Ansari

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